Eastern Indonesia has the richest biodiversity of marine life in the world. Sailing in the waters of the ‘Coral Triangle’, you can expect to see a wide range of corals wherever you go as well as species such as manta rays, turtles, mandarin fish and whale sharks, to name but a few.

Shore Excursions

Venturing on to dry land, the crew will guide you to deserted beaches and through local villages where traditional ways of life remain virtually unchanged. The Natiional Park on the island of Komodo offers the possibility of stalking the infamous Komodo dragon, while the challenge of scaling the steep slopes of the Raja Ampat islands can bring rewards of spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding seascapes.


For those who prefer to explore above rather than under the water, we also have two sea kayaks and plenty of snorkeling equipment, with a dedicated snorkeling guide. You can have a go at wakeboarding, waterskiing and knee boarding, and when the boat is outside of the national parks, try to catch some fish for fresh sashimi!

  • Snorkeling
  • Wakeboarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing

Choose to lay back…

If your looking to just escape from reality and relax then why not grab a book and choose lay back on one of our day beds and admire the beauty that surrounds you, or even better find a quiet beach to take in the beautiful Indonesian scenery.