Eastern Indonesia has the richest biodiversity of marine life in the world. As well as amazing corals, divers can expect to see manta rays, turtles, wobbegon sharks, mandarin fish and whale sharks.

Discovery dives and guided diving are included within your charter. Our dive master is also great with beginners and offers full instruction (certification rates below).

All the equipment you will need is on board.

Tiger Blue sails in the waters of the 'coral triangle', so expect to see a wide range of corals wherever you go.  The boat always heads wherever the conditions are best for the skill level of divers on board.

Komodo tends to have a significant amount of current and diving revolves around the tides. For beginners, there are quieter spots by the shallow reefs although these may see fewer large animals. The area is known for its pelagics - manta rays, eagle rays, giant trevally, barracuda and dogtooth tuna - as well as dolphins, black and white tip sharks, dugong, pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs. The underwater scenery ranges from coral gardens and wall dives to pinnacles and open ocean dives.

At the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, Raja Ampat teems with life, fed by deep sea currents funnelling nutrients into the sea. Dives may take in coral reefs, blue-water drop-offs, mangrove flats or seagrass beds. Manta Ridge in central Raja Ampat is the best location to see mantas, where up to 30 rays gather at cleaning stations about 6m deep. With strong currents, you'll need to hold on to something. Waigeo offers divers drift dives and sightings of green sea turtles, Indian lionfish, large wrasse, white and black tip sharks to name but a few. The coral reefs at Yangelo islands are amongst the most colourful in the area and are home to wobbegon sharks.

Indonesia's shark fishery industry is the largest in the world. Since 2010, Raja Ampat has been part of the Shark and Ray Sanctuary, providing these animals a safe haven to reproduce.


Diving with Tiger Blue is a wonderfully civilised experience - your equipment will be ready and waiting on the tender, as well as individual bottles of water. When you emerge from the depths, you will be greeted with a refreshing face towel and a sweetened drink as you rejoin the boat, before rinsing off under one of the two fresh showers on the dive platform.

Dive briefings take place on comfortable benches at the rear of the boat. Guides will escort a maximum of four divers each. For large diving parties, we will bring along an additional guide.

Our dive master is qualified in PADI, CMAS AND SSI. Whilst it is possible to learn to dive during your stay, we highly recommend taking the theory course in advance, leaving you to enjoy the scenery rather than having your head in a book. This can be done online here .

We also have a dedicated snorkelling guide. 

In addition to placing a great emphasis on safety, we recommend you take out watersports insurance, which covers scuba diving. 

The nearest hyperbaric chambers are in : Bali (for Komodo) and Waisai (for Raja Ampat).

Tiger Blue is proud to support DAN Asia-Pacific, the not-for-profit Divers Alert Network. DAN provides worldwide emergency evacuation coverage, with a 24-hour manned emergency hotline. In the event of accident or illness, DAN will co-ordinate a rescue effort and access to appropriate treatment. Divers taking any level of course with our dive master will be covered. Certified divers will access this service through their diving insurance. For more information or to make a donation visit .

Equipment :

  • Masks - we suggest experienced divers bring their own
  • Rash vests
  • Snorkels and fins
  • Long and short wetsuits
  • BCDs
  • Weights and 20 tanks (including one child's tank)
  • 2 compressors