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Highlights of Raja Ampat


Underwater Marvels

At the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, fed by nutrients from deep sea currents Raja Ampat teems with life. Coral reefs (some of the most colourful in the region), blue-water drop-offs, mangrove flats or even seagrass beds are all dive  opportunities with the chance to swim with Manta Rays, Green Sea Turtles, Indian Lionfish, Large Wrase and several species of shark.

Breathtaking Views

Spectacular Landscapes

The karst pinnacles of Wayag make for a great climb whilst admiring the diverse fauna on route before reaching spectacular views like no other of the rich limestone outcrops. Kayaking through small canals in the mangroves, relaxing on white sandy beaches or admiring dramatic views, all enable visitors to be awed by the region’s spectacular unspoilt natural beauty.


Birds of Paradise

Just one of many endemic species in the region, the rare red birds of paradise perform their ritualistic dances in the depths of the jungle in the early morning – a trek to find them starts at dawn and is also a good opportunity to meet with some the local indigenous communities. From pre-historic hand paintings to a modern pearl farm, man’s impact here has been low-key and minimal.


Explore the Islands

Raja Ampat is located off the northwest tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsular on the island of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province. The archipelago comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo.

Option 1: Via Bali

International flight to Bali followed by a local flight to Sorong via Makassar (Local flight time: 4 hours 30 minutes on Garuda Airlines). Your transfer will then take you to the boat which takes about 20 minutes.

Option 2: Via Jakarta

International flight to Jakarta followed by a local flight to Sorong (Local flight time: 4 hours on Xpress Air or Nam Air). Your transfer will then take you to the boat which takes about 20 minutes.

Sailing Dates

November to March

Available for Private Charter or By the Cabin set date departures.

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