Tiger Blue is a traditional 34m timber phinisi yacht, which sails around the stunning islands of Eastern Indonesia.  

The boat has five en-suite cabins, sleeping up to 12 adults, leaving you with plenty of room to relax and take in the incredible scenery of Raja Ampat, the calm waters of Komodo National Park, and the historical Banda Islands. 

Tiger Blue can be chartered privately or on an individual cabin basis with three core itineraries throughout the year, which can easily be tailored to suit your requirements.

Perfect for a family adventure, a once in a lifetime trip among friends or a diving and fishing holiday, Tiger Blue offers an ideal opportunity to spend time together.


A journey on board is full of unforgettable moments, be it finding dragons on the Komodo islands, searching for birds of paradise in West Papua or snorkelling with huge manta rays then kayaking over coral gardens in Raja Ampat.

Follow in the footsteps of Sir Francis Drake and discover the spice route of olden days in the Banda islands, where nations fought tooth and nail to secure this exotic and lucrative trade.

Embark with a sense of adventure. Switch off your phone and reconnect with each other and with nature. Gather around the large dining table at the heart of the boat and enjoy a leisurely meal to tales of the day's activities.



Tiger Blue is so much more than your average diving boat in the region, providing excellent diving for those so inclined yet she can just as easily be enjoyed by nature-lovers and adventurous spirits.

The boat is fully equipped for waterskiing, wakeboarding and diving, with a qualified dive master and up to four dives per day included.  

The warm, crystal clear waters are bursting with life - brightly coloured corals of all shapes and sizes, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks...and the list goes on.  

Terra firma offers many other delights, with deserted white sandy beaches stretching out beneath hills and volcanoes to climb.

For a spot of downtime, spend your evenings gazing at the stars or relaxing around a bonfire on the beach with a freshly-made cocktail or cold beer in hand.